‘Bedroom Jihadis’: A new hurdle for security forces in Kashmir

by Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Srinagar, June 3: What is a bedroom jihadi? A relative new concept introduced by Pakistan’s ISI to keep the social media abuzz with rumours and fuel violence.

Computer hacking hackers internet

A bedroom jihadi is one who does not step out on the field. He holds no gun or tries to trap women and becomes a love jihadi. He is the one who sits in the comfort of his bedroom and manipulates the social media in a bid to spread rumours and incite terror and violence.

This is not exactly a new concept, but now it has a name. Spreading violence from the comfort of their bedrooms and getting paid well for it has many takers especially in Kashmir. The internet ban which is imposed every now and then makes no difference to these persons as they have found ways to manipulate the same.

The tools are not guns and bombs. They are smartphones, laptops and desktops. Bedroom jihadis are paid anything between Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. With a good pay package and remote chances of getting caught or killed, it has become a lucrative profession especially in the Valley.

Apart from fuelling violence through rumours, the job of a bedroom jihadi is also to change the narrative on the internet. Setting the counter-narrative too is a part of their job. If the government has come up with a good initiative such as free LED bulbs, the job of the bedroom jihadi would be to tell the people that it is fitted with a camera to spy on people.

These bedroom jihadis also create groups on social media sites and chat applications. It out here that they set the narrative, spread the rumours and fuel violence. Intelligence Bureau officials say that they cannot put a number as to how many such jihadis are there. A rough estimate would be 500 the IB says.

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