Sleeping less than 6 hours may double death risk

by Sunday, May 28th, 2017

London, May 28: Researchers have warned that failing to sleep less than six hours may nearly double the risk of death in people with metabolic syndrome — a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
Restless Sleep

The long-term survey of 1,344 patients, average age 49, is the first to measure sleep in a lab.

Researchers said the effect was particularly strong in those with elevated blood pressure or poor glucose metabolism.

Those with risk factors who slept under six hours a night were 2.1 times more likely to die of heart disease.

The study was an observational study, so the outcome cannot guarantee cause-and-effect, but it proves the association between lack of sleep and early death in people who are deemed at-risk from heart disease.

Dr Julio Fernandez-Mendoza, of Penn State College of Medicine, said: “Taking care of your sleep is important if you want to lower your risk of heart disease or stroke.”

He added: “Future clinical trials are needed to determine whether lengthening sleep, in combination with lowering blood pressure and glucose, improves the prognosis of people with the metabolic syndrome.”

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