Manoj Tiwari exposes Kejriwal’s ‘lies’ on house tax, dengue

by Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party president Manoj Tiwari has hit out at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, exposing what he called his lies on the issue of Dengue and House Tax. He slammed the AAP government over the issue of corruption, saying that people of Delhi are very much angry with Kejriwal and his team and will teach them a lesson in MCD elections. In an interview with, BJP MP said that the saffron party would wipe out AAP.

manoj tiwariNewsroompost: Arvind Kejriwal has said that the people should hold themselves responsible for dengue outbreaks if they vote for BJP in MCD elections. What is your reaction?

Manoj Tiwari: Delhi got this deadly disease in a big way only after Kejriwal came to power. Outbreak of this disease happened because of Kejriwal’s irresponsible attitude towards health services. Only MCD was fighting on ground with full workforce. In fact, I also went for fogging when they (Kejriwal team) were enjoying overseas! Kejriwal is making such statement out of desperation and frustration as he has realised that his party will lose the  MCD elections.

Newsroompost: What do you think will be the verdict of the people in MCD elections?

Manoj Tiwari: It is a foregone conclusion that the BJP will emerge victorious with massive mandate. AAP will be wiped out. People have already given an indication of this in Rajouri Garden by-election.

Newsroompost: Why makes you so sure about BJP’s win and AAP’s defeat in MCD elections?

Manoj Tiwari: The reason is that people are very angry with AAP government due to its failures. People have seen how Kejriwal has always indulged in blame game politics only. Kejriwal’s double standard has also been exposed in these two years. Kejriwal will no longer be able to cheat aam aadmi with his politics of false promises. Making false promises, misleading and misguiding the people have become the identity of Kejriwal’s politics. At the same time, people have tremendous faith in the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi wave that ensured victory in UP and Uttarakhand will continue to sweep MCD elections in favour of BJP. Public does believe that BJP will continue to work in MCD with loyalty and honesty. Despite non cooperation from Kejriwal government and less, MCD has worked very well with less resources.

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