Govt must not release video proof of Army’s surgical strike: Ex-R&AW Chief

by Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

C D SAHAYThere is an unwanted controversy that has been caused by a section of politicians over the surgical strikes that India carried out across the Line of Control. The likes of Arvind Kejriwal are demanding proof despite the confirmation coming from none other than the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO).

Many part of the security establishment are upset with this narrative and plead that there should be no politics when it comes to national security. God bless this country if politicians play with national security says former Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) chief, C D Sahay.

In this interview with, Sahay says when the world has backed India on this issue, it is sad that some prefer to play politics.


Newsroompost: What do you feel about the situation today in which Kejriwal and a few Cong leaders too are demanding proof of the surgical strikes?

CD Sahay, Ex-R&AW chief: God bless all of us. How can one play politics with national security? This is just not done.

Newsroompost: What are the dangers of releasing the proof?

CD Sahay, Ex-R&AW chief: It exposes operational details. This would alert the enemy further and this could prove to be difficult for our army when another strike of this nature would need to be carried out. Do these politicians want everything out in the open so that all get to know our operational details?

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